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Conversation Practice
Reading, Writing, Grammar Lessons

About Me

I was born in Israel and have lived in the US since I was 16. I am a recent graduate, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and during college I discovered my passion for tutoring. I have experience tutoring in a few different subjects, such as statistics, economics, math, English, and Spanish.

I specialize in 1 on 1 sessions tailored to the needs of each student. Whether you are looking to improve your writing skills, your reading skills, or your overall understanding of the English language.

I am passionate about helping students reach their goals and gain confidence in their English language skills. 

How It Works

How It Works

Levels of Teaching

Beginner to advanced

Middle school students to adults


Tailored English Lessons to the needs of each student

Tutoring Options

Online One on One Lessons.

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